Carmelita was born in the Philippines.

In 1987 she married John, whose job with the BBC took them both to

Singapore for five years, and whilst there she took a course in Fashion Design, which gave her a taste for painting and drawing.

Moving to England in 1993, she began painting in earnest, taking classes at a local college. In 1998 John and Carmelita moved to Wales and opened an Art Gallery in a small market town, showing the work of established artists from mid-Wales and further afield - during this period, Carmelita attended courses with several of the artists exhibited in the gallery,

including John Rice, David Spencer Stoves & David Bellamy.

She successfully entered many local exhibitions, winning in consecutive years (2003/2004) the R.P.Benbow Cup

for the best overall entry at the Knighton Show on the Welsh borders, as well as the Stan Goodall Cup for the best landscape.

Carmelita and John then moved to Oxfordshire for six years, where they served on the committee of the Banbury & District Art Society, and now reside in Shropshire, where they exhibit with Galleries Live, Telford.


Carmelita is an eclectic artist,  and her painting style spans the gamut from realism to abstract expressionism - but binding her work is her fascination with light, colour and immediacy.




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